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How to start an essential oils MLM online business today!

It is very tempting to jump head first into an MLM online business without really understanding what is involved, so from day one say to yourself, "This is a real business!"


By Steve Jackson - doTERRA Wellness Advocate

It is very tempting to jump head first into an MLM online business without really understanding what is involved, so from day one say to yourself, "This is a real business!"

An MLM business opportunity is a business. The main reason for failure in MLM is when someone joins and then does not commit to it being a business. This means subscribing to disciplines such as financial management, online and offline marketing, sales and customer service, communication, leadership, planning, time management, problem solving and networking. This doesn't mean you need to be a professional in all these disciplines, but it does mean you should be willing to learn them over time.

Why has essential oils become a vehicle for success in MLM?

At the moment, essential oils are trending very well which means it is a good product line for those interested in health and wellness as well as making money. There are a few reasons why essential oils are trending so well online and that may be because we as human-beings are searching for an alternative to traditional medication. This doesn't mean that essential oils can be used to cure everything, but they are a safer option for general ailments that most of us have.

This is a great starting point for anyone considering building a network marketing business online. Having a product that customers want to buy and you can trust makes your whole job so much easier.

The social media and the internet are simply a virtual extension of the physical world

Searching for a trusted essential oils MLM company

Trust is an important word in the world of business and no more important than starting an essential oils business. There are many established companies that will be able to offer quality essential oils as well as a business package. However, finding a business that the average person can trust and believe in is another issue. A company that is highly recommended is doTERRA. They offer a full business package for as little as $35 / 20€ / £20 that includes a free webshop and no monthly fee. At the same time, doTERRA sells probably the purest and highest quality essential oils in the world.

This combination of an honest and respected company, an affordable business start up and an outstanding product is perfect for anyone new to the idea of starting an MLM online business.

Essential Oils MLM
Essential Oils MLM

What is a doTERRA MLM business?

A doTERRA business is like any other business but it can be run from home and can be started by anyone with the ambition and drive to succeed.

More about doTERRA

doTERRA was founded in 2008 with the goal to share the best and highest quality essential oils with the world. They source, test, manufacture and distribute their essential oils in almost 20 international markets. At the moment doTERRA has over 9 million doTERRA distributors and customers.

How to start a MLM online business and become successful

So, it is in your mind and you're going to do it, you are going to set up your own essential oils business. However it's a new venture for you. You have never done it before and you need help. So, baby steps are in order to achieve your objective. No worries we will cover all the support you will need to start a doTERRA MLM business.

Accordingly, how do you run an essential oils home business? Because, you have always been told what to do. Now the shoe is truly on the other foot. Now you are in charge.

  • How do you want to support your team?
  • How will you structure your day?
  • How will you take responsibility for your time management?
  • How do you recognize if what you are saying or doing is the correct thing for your new essential oils business?

It is quite possible that you were undemanding before you started your own business. Your boss spoke and you fulfilled what he/she wanted.


You got paid at the end of the month and you accepted that safe reality. Having your own business is a little trickier. If you get things wrong, not only will you not get paid, your decisions could impact negatively upon your whole family. Nevertheless, running your own business has it positive side, such as:

  • You can take control of your life
  • You can find your own work life balance
  • You can earn as much as you are willing to work for
  • If you are working online you can work anywhere in the world
  • You choose the type of people you want to work with
  • You can take on the risk and gain the rewards
  • You can challenge yourself
  • You can do what you are passion about
  • You can get work faster because it is only you that will stop you
  • You can build relationships with you customer and team
  • You can afford to give back to your community
  • You can feel pride that you have built something of your own

Everything is upfront and legitimate, the essential oils are loved by the customers and distributors alike.

How to run a MLM online business?

As an appendage to this article. I have been asked many times about running doTERRA online as well as running an MLM business online. There has been a lot of interest over the last few years regarding working online in MLM. Arguably, this is because of the rise in working from home since the pandemic of 2020-21, however I believe it has been on the cards for many years.

In the past, many MLM and direct sales distributors held house parties or coffee mornings to market their products and business. As we all know everything has changed and so internet marketing methods have come to the forefront of direct sales and MLM.

To support my doTERRA team and anyone else interested in building a MLM business online I have written an eBook on the best methods to achieve online success.

The eBook is called "Beginners guide to online prospecting in network marketing" and it will take the beginner through everything they will need to know about building any MLM business online.

This eBook is for the total beginner who wants to build their business online. It takes the student through all the skills and knowledge needed to succeed online. The eBook is broken down into 14 steps and 27 tasks with the final goal of empowering a distributor to become successful by having a plan that works.

MLM online business

You have started your essential oils MLM business

This is finally it

You have started operating your own business. This is the period when you need to really focus on what you want from your business and your way of life. Try to keep the two at a distance as much as possible. This can be extremely challenging for a lot of people especially if you now work from home. Remember however working for yourself is to better your life, in its entirety. Don't let your new business be a heavy burden on your life. It is there to give you the rewards you have always wanted.

This means knowing that you can easily pay your mortgage by running an essential oils home business at the end of the day is great.

Having a parent, spouse, sibling or other important person seeing you doing well in your business creates a great motivation for others to have a go. Not out of a sense of competition, but because it is understandable to have feelings of pleasure when someone achieves something new in life. When someone starts operating their own essential oils business like doTERRA everything their lives change for the better.


It is amazing but not many people start their own business. Even in the 9 million members doTERRA have only a small percentage embark on starting doTERRA as a serious business. This is great for anyone serious about building a doTERRA business. This is because often there may be several doTERRA distributors in their area, but don't bother treating their business like a business. In most cases they have not bothered learning how to run their business and so don't have the know how. This is quite sad, because they have purchased a business and haven't bothered to exploit it.

The point is do you have it?

Are you motivated to achieve something in an essential oils MLM online business as well as in life? If so, click on the "Get Started" button below and I will meet you on the other side.

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